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Stand on the Shoulders of the Latest Technology Leaders

Worried about the complicated alphabet soup of SaaS, Cloud, Mobile and Security? Let the team at SRS Technologies LLC bring you all the way to the leading edge of the most powerful, reliable and scalable technologies ever seen. What does that mean for you? Implementation in a day. Training in a day. Realtime support where 99% of issues can be corrected with a push of a button from a computer miles away. Not sure about all this? We will Prove it – Demos are full system launches executed in a day. Need some more technical details? Checkout the particulars below –

Cloud ComputingCloud Infrastructure

All of SRS Technologies platforms run in the Cloud – but not just any cloud – cutting edge redundant servers located in geographically separated areas of North America.  This ensures that with an SRS Technologies Platform there is no downtime.  Read More

HardwareOur Hardware

By using the latest tablets and phones the same day they are released to market ensures that you will never find yourself having to leave an SRS Technologies platform to make the most of the latest technological advances.  Don’t let creative marketing pitches fool you – that iPhone or Android in your hand has more power, better sensors and higher accuracy than any proprietary hardware solution on the market period. Read More


1 Day. We’ll prove it.  Any one location with 50 trucks or less can be implemented by a single SRS Technology team member in less than one 8 hour shift.  What does implementation mean?  Dispatch setup, orders in the system, employees using the platform to complete their daily work, back office team members receiving work as it is completed for invoicing and processing.

Connecting Enterprises

Integration – the point at which most software launches run into issues.  We won’t let your operation be impacted by the need for the technologies to be connected.  All SRS Technology solutions and processes are designed to be 100% manual or 100% automated.  You don’t need to spend a dime to test out the capabilities of our technology – once you have proven it meets the needs of the most important team members at the company – your field employees and drivers – then we move seamlessly into Integrating with your existing tools.


Let your IT team enjoy their weekends again.  Troubleshooting an SRS Technologies platform consists of hitting refresh on a browser window or at worst re-installing an app on a phone.  “But What if it Really Beaks?”  All SRS Technology Platforms have multiple real time failure monitoring tools – by the time you notice something is wrong we are already working on it.  For all other issues the team is available 24x7x365.  Read More.


SRS Technology Platforms are designed to be user friendly enough to support our 1 Day Implementation Guarantee.  For those that want more hands on training, or refreshers at remote sites the SRS Technology team is happy to provide reasonably priced training solutions.  Looking for something more self serve?  We utilize our integrated Learning Management System to provide on demand Platform training through our partnership with Avatar Fleet. Read More


Looking to make the most of your Technology Purchase?  The team at SRS Technology has decades of hands on operational leadership running international supply chains for leading manufacturing firms all the way down to complete management and turnaround of failing transportation companies.  If you need process design, coaching or someone to just come in and help you get a specific initiative completed the SRS Technology team has the experience and tools to take care of you. Read More.


Technology can be a risky proposition if your provider doesn’t have the experience and talent to protect your vital information and processes.  SRS Technology is built on the strongest and most secure platforms available today.  Our cloud services are monitored multiple times per second to ensure no unauthorized access is detected.  Our devices carry no more information than is absolutely necessary, and you have the ability to remove any user from anywhere in the world with the click of a button.  The only way the SRS Platforms could be more secure is if we hired Batman….