Driver Buddy Final

DB iPhoneDriver Buddy is our core Platform built by Operations Professionals for trucking, transportation and delivery companies.  Our founders came from the trucking industry and they searched years for an application that could do everything that this platform can do.  It just did not exist…Until now!!!

The Driver Buddy platform is ideal for trucking and transportation companies of all shapes and sizes.  With one login and from a single screen, we’ve included a Customer Management Module with an Order Management Module that feeds into our Mobile Dispatch & GPS Tracking Module that drivers interact with from their mobile device.  And, when the job is done, we tied everything into our Accounting Module.  Orders, and all the data and information that go with it, flow seamlessly from the Customer Call to Invoicing.  This improves AR, eliminates errors and drastically increases efficiencies.

Finally there is a single Platform that gives full visibility into all aspects of the order, keeps everyone on the same page so they focus on driving efficiencies and Profits to the bottom line.  Click Here to Learn More.

DispatchOur Transportation Management Platform starts with the customer and their shipping requirements.  Data is feed into our system via EDI, Flat files, Excel and everything in-between.  Data is converted into information that will be used different ways by the different groups that care most about those shipments – Customers, Carriers, Cross-Dock Locations and You.  Our platform will automatically route unique loads directly through our Bidding Module and then convert these into dispatchable loads to be tendered.  We route, reroute and reroute again, if necessary, loads with pre-negotiated rates to ensure the lowest network cost possible.  Our optimization engine not only plans the best routes, we cube the trailer in real-time after every stop and make adjustments on the fly to maximize cube, minimize network costs all while our Platform makes sure you never miss a customer window time.

The Transportation Management Platform eclipses everything on the market.  Our cutting edge Enterprise Software makes it possible to manage the entire network in real-time on a load by load basis.  No more static planning and hoping all goes well.  You take proactive control so you can take advantage of every opportunity to reduce costs, improve on-time performance and streamline the entire supply chain providing the highest level of service to your customers every day. Read More.

Tablet WorkorderImagine its 2am and a customer needs a technician ASAP but no one is available to generate a Repair Order.  The best you can do is hope the technician writes everything down and drops the paperwork at the office in the morning.  But, we all know paperwork gets lost or forgotten, handwriting is hard to read and items always go missing or never get billed.  We’ve changed all that!!  We give the technician the ability to generate a Repair Order from their mobile device and document everything step by step.  Nothing lost, nothing forgotten and no more handwritten notes to re-type into your system.  Our Platform generates orders that are easily identified and reviewed by the back office and invoiced in seconds – error free and invoiced complete.

We know your mobile technicians need a Platform that is flexible enough to address every “surprise” they run into and also comprehensive enough to get every part of the Work/Repair Order documented and invoiced.

The Mobile Service Tech Platform is the first service based Platform that ensures your mobile technicians get ALL the information they need to get the job done, document every step and not miss anything on the invoice.  After all, you did the work, you deserve to be paid. Read More.

MM4 LaunchpadAre your customers a credit risk?  Do they pay on time?  Is your revenue growth going to mean more profits or more problems?  Never worry about the answers to these questions again.  Our Industry Intelligence Platform gives you a complete credit risk profile of your customers – new and old, so you can instantly see what risk you take when adding a new company or the risk associated with increasing the credit with an existing customer.  Make informed decisions about the actions that impact your bottom line.  There is nothing worse than getting paid late, but not getting paid at all can be devastating.

Phone ChecklistsOur goal is Safety First and 100% Compliance with regulations & mandates drives behaviors that drive profitable growth.  That is a simple fact that no one can argue.

Understanding eLog mandates and requirements will be the difference between profitable growth and probable defeat.  Everything from CSA scores to Insurance rates will be dependent on your company’s ability to demonstrate how you manage eLogs.  Doing it correctly, with a well-defined and repeatable process, and you will get operational savings and this will be your best defense in preventing accidents.  We are at the forefront in developing not just an eLog system, we integrated eLogs into our Platform so you have the option to auto-generated eLogs that are compliant to all mandates and we know the exact second these eLogs can be purged.  We do this for you, automatically.

Take inspecting your equipment to the next level with PRETRIP.IT.  Replace handwritten records and use our PRETRIP.IT platform to document your walk around.  If there is an issue that needs immediate review/attention, our Platform automatically notifies the responsible party and requires action be taken.  We complete the communicate loop for you, in real-time.  Use PRETRIP.IT for trucks, trailers, construction equipment, forklifts and everything else you want to include.

LMS ScreenshotThe Driver Shortage is real and will impact you company.  The last thing you want to do is waste time screening drivers.  You want to find the RIGHT drivers and get them on-boarded ASAP.  Use our On-Boarding Platform to attract drivers and screen their capabilities so you are spending quality time with quality drivers that will fit the needs of your company and, more importantly, the culture of your company.

Training, Training and more Training.  You would think this makes drivers grumpy, but actually one of the biggest reasons for driver turnover is lack of training.  Grumpy comes from sitting in a conference room for hours at a time being trained.  Take advantage of the time your drivers have while they wait to be loaded/unloaded and stream training videos to the on-board tablet.  Built in testing ensures they learned the content and get real-time notifications of their results.  Reduce Grumpy and Increase Training!!

Field SalesWant to make the most of your customer data to increase touch points, improve add-on sales and make quoting more efficient?  Our Customer Management Platform feeds directly into our order management Platform so information is not lost from Quote to Order to Invoice and you don’t have to worry about lost revenue or missed expectations because, “the guy that quoted me said you would do that…”  Now your field personnel will have all the details directly from the sales quote.

InvoicingFor those that don’t have a need for our mobile applications but still want to benefit from the power of our document management platform can use the Back Office Platform to create workorders, manage inventories and utilize our customer portal to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.  If you decide you would like to add in one of our Mobile Fleet Management Platform later, no problem we can do that.