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What industries ride on SRS Technology Platforms?

 If you’re an international freight brokerage or a local heating and cooling repair shop – there is a SRS Tech Platform designed for you.  Utilizing the power and flexibility of the latest in mobile technology and advanced enterprise design the SRS team has deployed specialized solutions for the following industries:

Beverage Distribution

Companies looking to optimize their beverage distribution have a variety of unique needs – juggling inbound supplies, outbound deliveries and unknown customer demand.  Let the SRS Technologies Driver Buddy and Compliance modules give you the visibility you need to be competitive and the assurances that your delivery personnel are following every customer process to the letter.


Whether you are responsible for transporting students or running a municipality transportation system let the SRS Technologies LLC bussing tools provide you with tools to delight your customers and improve your service.  Nowhere is your brand more important than when trying to relay arrival times and status and SRS Technology makes putting your brand in the hands of your customers a seamless part of the process.


Whether you are building a skyscraper, a freeway or a new home in the suburbs every minute counts and a delay of just one hour on a critical sub contractor can mean delays of hours or days and thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs.  With SRS Technologies you can retain visibility over all of your personnel, all your subcontractors and anyone who is delivering materials to your work site.  When minutes count – know where every piece of equipment is at all times.

Food Delivery & Catering

There are few businesses with more difficult delivery schedules and processes than food delivery and catering firms.  Issues can range from pages of specific instructions from a very detail oriented bride to be and run all the way to the logistic complexity that comes with feeding tens of thousands during a major festival.  Daily deliveries of produce, meats and breads are no less critical and when presentation matters – make sure that your field personnel are leaving every delivery at a standard your customers have come to expect.

Freight Brokerage

Good carriers are getting harder and harder to come by.  As capacity shrinks and demands rise for freight hauling of all types Freight Brokerages will have to find newer and better ways to provide value to both their customers and their carriers.  Let the SRS Technology solutions team show you just how sophisticated your freight brokerage can become without any upfront investment or IT support required.

Fuel Hauling

There are few professions that are as complicated and dangerous as fuel hauling – whether it is 4500 gallons on a tankwagon fleet fueling 11,000 gallons of diesel delivered with special weight permits to a major truckstop or hauling ethanol from terminal to terminal – SRS Technologies Platforms provide a one stop solution that can have you up and running on day one backed by the expertise from having run the operation our selves for a top 50 fuel hauler.

Home Healthcare & Patient Transport

Medical issues and special requirements of individuals requiring specialized transport create an incredible amount of tension and stress.  Let SRS Technologies make updates, arrival times and special transportation requirements something that you can take for granted.  Utilizing our customized checklist tools, location management and customer update portals the SRS Patient Transport and Home Healthcare Solutions transport providers can become the first choice of patients and facilities looking to be sure their loved ones are given the attention and respect they deserve.

Landscaping & Mowing

Seasons change and so does your entire business model.  SRS Technology Platforms are designed to be month to month on a per user basis – allowing you to keep your entire business running on a single platform without having to worry about paying for those licenses during your off time.  In addition to flexibility the mobile solutions are ideal for use with before and after validation of work – documentation of issues and problems on site.


Moving a person’s belongings the right way can be a tedious and paperwork intensive task.  Let SRS Technologies take paperwork out of the equation – utilizing barcoding, pictures and geo-positioning to ensure every item of every client is documented and tracked in real time.  Need proof that employees are completing walkthroughs, cleanup and proper processes?  SRS Technologies can weave your requirements directly into employee’s daily work so it is included where it is required – and not remembered after it is too late.

Oil Field & Crude Hauling

Our Fleet Management & Tracking Platform can route your teams to well head no matter where it is.  No cell coverage, no problem.  Transportation in the Oil Field and Hauling Crude requires more than a Pick-Up and Drop off location.  There are tests, special equipment and driver safety requirements that must be met or you are simply out of luck.  We built our platform to address every need you have when you are too far from office to turn back and get the things those other systems forget to tell you needed.

Personnel Transport

Do you manage patient transport, make airport runs or have a mobile entertainment company.  Our solution can arrange everything.  SRS Technologies is able to integrate our carrier optimization and customer management modules with your call center or you can use ours.  Lower your costs and increase your paid miles by moving to a solution built with your business in mind.

Recycling & Waste Management

Track your trucks, monitor your workers and know where every one of your fixed assets is located all from one screen.  We are taking the Recycling & Waste Management Business to a new level.  With our solution you can spend your time on revenue generating activities and not trying to remember where your roll-off, dumpsters and gondolas were last located.  We do all that, any more, for you from a one screen.

Roadside Repair

Our Application was designed to know as much about that Car or Truck as the Mobile Service Technician working on it.  Need to order parts from the side of the road and have them delivered, no problem.  Need to track warranty, process payment, e-mail work orders…No problem.  Our solution is there when you need it most and works anywhere – even when there is no cell coverage.

Service Technicians

This is the most difficult area to service because simply shipping documents just do not get the job done.  Mobile Technicians work on everything from Utilities and Cell Towers to Appliances, HVAC and Plumbing.  These professionals need a Software Solution that fits their needs no matter where they are or what they are working on.  SRS Technologies has that solution.

3rd Party Logistcs3PL / 4PL – Third Party Logistics

A TMS efficiently, reliably, and cost effectively moves freight from origin to destination.  The TMS processes include freight transported inbound or outbound, domestically or internationally, and using transportation assets the company owns or are owned by an outside service provider.

The SRS Technologies TMS covers all key aspects of the planning and execution of end to end processes including Procurement, Route Optimization, PFEP (Plan For Every Part) and Last Mile Communication with Carriers, Document Creation, Visibility and Exception Management, Audit, and Performance Management.

Commercial TruckTrucking, LTL & Specialized

Once size does not always fit all.  Trucking data and requirements can vary by load, customer, lane, and pick-up and drop-off location.  Finding a software solution that can accommodate constant changes in data format, collection, and scope was impossible until now.  SRS Technologies developed a solution that incorporates dynamic Templating with Last Mile tracking of every piece of sensitive data that you need to capture.