Driver Buddy Platform

  • I just wanted to thank you guys for all your help. Your software was very user friendly and you guys were great to work with!

    - Kristie, Motor City Gumball Participant -

  • This application is going to reduce my paperwork by 85% and my monthly headaches by 90%.  I don’t have to worry about my guys forgetting to invoice for parts, labor or mileage anymore.  This application takes care of all of it for me.

    - Service Manager, National Mobile Service Provider - San Antonio, Tx -

  • ”Wow that's it?  This is really easy to use and will save me a ton of time.”

    - Every Driver Trained on an SRS Mobile App, -

  • ”The Driver Buddy platform has enabled our dispatcher to communicate throughout the day with our drivers allowing greater flexibility and efficiency in how we handle pickups and donations.  The features and capabilities of Driver Buddy have enabled SVdP to avoid paying for two separate applications and hardware installations for our vehicles – a cost that would take away from our ability to help those in need.”

    - Bill Brazier - Executive Director, St. Vincent Depaul -

Reqeust a DemoDriver Buddy is our core Platform built by Operations Professionals for trucking, transportation and delivery companies.  Our founders came from the trucking industry and they searched years for an application that could do everything that this platform can do.  It just did not exist…Until now!

The Driver Buddy platform is ideal for trucking and transportation companies of all shapes and sizes.  With one login and from a single screen, we’ve included a Customer Management Module with an Order Management Module that feeds into our Mobile Dispatch & GPS Tracking Module that drivers interact with from their mobile device.  And, when the job is done, we tied everything into our Accounting Module.  Orders, and all the data and information that go with it, flow seamlessly from the Customer Call to Invoicing.  This improves AR, eliminates errors and drastically increases efficiencies.

Finally there is a single Platform that gives full visibility into all aspects of the order, keeps everyone on the same page so they focus on driving efficiencies and Profits to the bottom line.

DB Drag-N-Drop Dispatch

Drag and Drop Dispatch

Dispatchers are the difference between Profit and Loss.  Frequently the only person from your company that interacts with Customers, Drivers and Sales is your Dispatcher.  So, the Platform they work with needs to present information in a Clear, Concise and Meaningful way.  Anything less results in lost time, unnecessary effort and reduced revenue.

The SRS Tech Dispatch Interface combines seamless Drag-N-Drop order dispatching, with No-Clicks Order Monitoring into a Single Screen Comprehensive Order Viewer.  Your Dispatchers will not need to leave their screen to get Dispatchorder details, monitor real-time order progress, track assets or review a detailed audit log of changes/updates embedded in each order.  With our Platforms, your Dispatchers have the power to modify forms, create customer/load specific templates and even add custom fields with a few simple clicks.  Empower your Dispatchers to do what they do best – put your drivers on the road to driver revenue and profitable growth for your company.

Fleet & Asset Tracking

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 6.43.13 PM

There is more to managing a fleet than just knowing where an Asset is.

The team at SRS Technologies has integrated GPS location information directly into how your team interacts with orders.  GPS data is connected to every order, every signature and every picture taken.  Forget about cross referencing two different systems – we will keep track of all your information on each order so you can access all historical data from a single order history page.

Real-Time Order Communication

Your operation extends beyond your office; it includes your sales personnel, your dispatchers, drivers and onsite customer support teams.  You need a solution to reach beyond the four walls and allow everyone to keep working together as a team.

DB iPhoneSRS Technologies Platforms provide what we refer to as Situationally Aware interfaces to keep the right information in front of the right team and the right time.

On a sales call?  Our Mobile Sales Platform provides Sales with all the critical relationship data that helps close the deal.

Do you have Technicians on site in a truck yard?  Our Mobile Service Platform knows over 180 different characteristics of the vehicle your teams are working on, can pre-populate a repair order for the areas that need attention and tracks all the work performed for the history of that vehicle.  Don’t guess the model year, transmission type, head configuration or axle ratio again.  Our Platform already knows and uses that information to speed up the documentation process so your Technicians can spend more time generating revenue not paperwork.

A system’s true power comes from how well information is presented to your field personnel, captured, organized and made available to drive profitable growth.  SRS Technologies will show you how much of a difference it makes when operations professionals design software platforms from the ground up to meet your specific requirements.  The results are truly amazing.

Document Capture

The average paper document is moved / shuffled / filed and handed off nearly 20 times before it finally lands in some box in a storage room somewhere.  Try finding the document 3 years later to comply with a customer request or tax filing review.  It costs ~$220 to recreate or retrieve a lost document.  Need to reference that paper document fast…Good luck.  Want to improve your ability to invoice faster and more accurately?  Right now you have to wait for the driver to return to the office, find a fax machine or hope that scanner box thing in the passenger seat works right.  Then, you have to hope all the paperwork is there, completed correctly with accurate information.

shutterstock_50898247The SRS Technologies Platforms were built by trucking professionals who lived through and know the pain of trying to “tic-n-tie” every order at month end.  We are committed to making life easier for all the professionals that are currently going through that painful process because they did not know a better way was available.  We combined cutting edge technology with tablet and smartphone technology to capture the highest resolution document pictures possible indexed to your BOL, Proof of Delivery and Work Order instructions.  Yellow copies of the BOL are no problem.  Our Platforms digitally capture all documents in color.  Even 3rd and 4th layer carbon copies are crisp, clear and easy to read.

Want to capture more than just paperwork produced in the field?  If your driver notices any type of product damage prior to loading, they take a picture that is automatically saved to the order eliminating any doubt that damages are not your responsibility.  We put this power in the hands of your Drivers and Techs so there is no limit to what you can capture that may be needed down the line.

Take technology to the spot where work is being done.

Delivery Confirmation

Proof of Delivery, it’s the only thing standing between your company and customer payment.  But getting the Proof of Delivery isn’t always as easy as it seems.  We came from the trucking industry and we experienced those discussions and disputes with customers.  We built our Platforms to prevent you from ever having to have those discussions again.

Signature Capture-01Every one of SRS Technologies Platforms is focused on providing every measure of proof for every transaction.  For example, if you are dropping a pallet or a truckload at a customer loading dock; our Mobile Platforms capture GPS Coordinates, Time & Date of delivery, Pictures of the material dropped on the Dock (date & time stamped as well), signature of the receiving clerk who accepted the delivery and every other piece of data you determine necessary to speed the payment process.  We store all the data with the order and can be accessed instantly by your Accounting team so Invoices can be issued before your driver starts their truck to leave.

Focus your team energy on serving the customer and profitably growing your business.  Let the SRS Technologies Platforms track, monitor and manage all the data and administrative details.

Inventory Management

Inventory = $ and Lack of Inventory = Lost Time & Lost Orders.  Reduce cost by managing your inventory no matter where it is – Warehouse, on Trucks or at your Customer.

The SRS Technology Inventory Platform makes it easy to management your inventory from one screen across all your facilities, trucks and customers locations.  Worried about tomorrow?  Our Inventory Platforms are integrated with our order management and dispatching systems and gives your real-time tracking today, tomorrow and into the future.

Carrier Management

Success means having the right assets in the right place at the right time.  For many companies this means engaging with 3rd Party Carriers capable of handling your excess capacity when required.  However, contracting loads typically requires a one-off process to manage these contracted carriers and that means more manual effort; more check calls and more headaches from paperwork delays.

shutterstock_34819612SRS Technologies Carrier Management Platform connects your contracted carriers with your Dispatch and Workflow process so they automatically comply to your workorder requirements, are instantly visible in your system and you can monitor their progress step-by-step in real-time.  We specialize in connecting every area of your business and give you the power to manage your growth from anywhere at any time.

With our Platforms we give you the ability to connect with Drivers regardless if they work directly for you or are contracting your excess capacity.  Work is performed to your standard and all data is captured, managed and made available instantly so you don’t have to wait for scans or mail only to find out something is missing or is unreadable.  Working with contracted carriers no longer limits your ability to be as profitable as you can possibly be.

Basic Workflow

The SRS Technologies Platforms are designed to eliminate the physical handed off of paperwork that leads to lost, destroyed or miss-filed documents required in order to get paid.  For example, our Workflow Platform allows you to determine if orders need to be reviewed before they are dispatched, if accounting needs to review completed orders before they are billed.  If so, our Platform triggers notifications to all responsible parties when key load or work order steps have been completed or require review.

For example, your Dispatcher and Customer want to know when the driver arrives on site and your Accounting and Sales what to know when an order is complete.  Our Workflow engine knows who the responsible person is and notifies them in real-time.  This ensures your workflow requirements are met and the process if being followed.

Configuration is easy and there is no IT support required.  With one click send every order entered to dispatch for approval prior to being available for drivers to haul.  One click is all you need to require dispatcher and accounting review of every order prior to invoicing.  And One click is all you need to ensure that 100% of your dispatched loads are invoiced every month – complete, accurate and error free.

At month end never again wonder if you billed 100% of your work.  Our Workflow Platform gives you the Confidence that you are getting paid in full for every job you did.

We digitally store 100% of all information related to each order your company processes, keep that information organized with the order and make that information available to you from anywhere at any time for 7 years and we include an easy to access report engine.

Time & Expense Tracking

Time is Money for both your company and your employees.  Fair and accurate accounting of the time employee’s work means higher revenues for your firm and fairer compensation for your employees.  All SRS Technologies Platforms capture key data points through our integrated workflow tools that provide a complete picture of each employee’s day, every day.  Make sure every billable hour is captured, coded and billed properly for every job.

Need to capture and verify Lumper Fees, Tolls or Accessorial fees?  SRS Technologies Platforms let your drivers enter these expenses load-by-load, supported by GPS positioning and digitally capture receipts as necessary.  All data is recorded by our Platforms and instantly communicated to your back office before your driver turns off their engine at the end of the day.

API – Application Programming Interface (aka Systems Sharing Data)

SRS Technologies is committed to providing our clients with technology that works with your existing systems or stands alone to run your operations.  To help make that a reality SRS Tech Platforms were designed from the ground up to interface with your enterprise systems or be used as the system to power your operations.

shutterstock_124888153We interface with any language or format so data is seamlessly communicated to and from your system and ours.  Regardless if you need help from our development team or you have your own, SRS Technologies provides all of the following services as a standard part of our API set:

  • Rest APIs
  • HTTP-requested XML
  • Extract Transform & Load Data Exchanges
  • Web Services
  • OLAP Integration
  • Active Directory Services & SSO
  • SOPI & OPI Telco Provisioning Systems

Our Platforms are built to grow as your company grows.  The SRS Technologies Platforms integrate better, faster and with more 3rd party systems than any other solution on the market.