Lower R&M Costs

What is the #1 way to reduce Repair and Maintenance Costs?

Looking for the next miracle lubricant?  The perfect tires that last 150,000 – 200,000 miles?  The single most important to monitor to lower your R&M costs comes down to Total Miles Driven.

SRS Tech Platforms combine optimization, order management and GPS tracking to ensure your drivers, techs and dispatchers make the most efficient routing decisions using real time information.

With more efficient dispatch, better knowledge of employee location and available parts/resources most companies can increase the number of orders / employee by at least 1 order per day.  For the average fleet of 10 trucks, having 1 more order per day per employee equates to an additional free truck to fill capacity, increase revenue and grow Net Income.

There is no substitute for using each of your assets as efficiently and effectively as possible to reduce the Total Miles Driven and increase Net Income.

  • Route Optimization
  • GPS Tracking / Monitoring
  • Real-Time Order Management
  • Instant Cab-to-Office Communication
  • eDVIR
  • Maintenance Tracker