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On One Platform through One Login on One Screen

Did you implement a system on the promise it would do everything?  Usually “everything” means only the things that software was preprogramed to do.  Now you have to pay to have the Templates you really need “developed”.  Yikes, that’s going to cost a small fortune and take weeks or months.  We ran a trucking company and we lived this nightmare – You don’t have to.  Our Platforms are built so you can create a Template in minutes without having to pay a dime or wait a lifetime.  Need a different Template to gather different information for each customer you have…No problem.

SRS Tech Platforms are all designed from the ground up to get your team working immediately.  We know just how hard it is to run a profitable business in the trucking, delivery and service sectors.  Having the data you need, when you need it is essential to Billing Fast and getting Paid Faster.  Making sure you capture all the data your customer wants to see is Priceless.  Stop wasting time, money and effort forcing a system to adapt to your business.  We give you that power and flexibility on Day 1.  It can be done and we will prove it to you.

We guarantee fleets up to 50 vehicles will be up and running in One day and fleets with more will be up and running in 2-3 days.

We couldn’t promise this if we haven’t proven it over and over again.

  • Dynamic Templating
  • Mobile Order Communication with real-time Dynamic Data Capture
  • Anywhere, Anytime system access
  • Cloud Based data storage
  • Real-Time Dynamic Reporting
  • Error Free Driver Paperwork Organized, Indexed and Complete
  • Powerful Customer Management Database
  • Seamless data flow from Customer Service to Dispatch to Invoicing
  • Optimize Routes, Driver Hours, Fuel and Trailer Cube
  • Intuitive Drag and Drop Dispatch
  • Work Order details shared instantly between Back-Office and Drivers
  • Inventory Management system Truck by Truck
  • Customer Portal reduces Check Calls and improves Customer Satisfaction