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1 Day Launch

What does it take to launch a SRS Tech Platform?

Deciding on which system to use track and monitor your operations is hard enough, so why after the decision is made should you have to struggle through months and months of implementation before you get to actually use it?  We think that is a ridiculous waste of time and effort.  If you have up to 50 vehicles, we commit to having our Operations Platforms up and running on Day 1 and if you have more than 50 we commit to having our Platform up and running in 2-3 days, Guaranteed!

SRS Tech Platforms are designed from the ground up by guys that worked in the trucking industry running fleets just like yours.  Our goal is to get your teams up and running on our Mobile Fleet Management Platform immediately so your company has every opportunity to grow profitably.  We understand all too well how hard it is to run a profitable business in the trucking, delivery and service sectors.  Every minute lost is a minute that could have been used to increase revenue.  We promise to give you all those lost minutes back.

Let us prove it to you.  We’ll come to your location, work with your teams and outline a path to more Income!!!  We guarantee fleets up to 50 vehicles will be up and running in One day and fleets with more will be up and running in 2-3 days.

We wouldn’t promise it if we haven’t proven it time and time again

So what does a 1 Day Launch look like?

  • The day starts with a kick-off meeting with Dispatch, Customer Service, Accounting and your Drivers
  • Upload your data into our Enterprise solution
  • Train your staff – Average for Back Office is 1-3 hours, Drivers 15-30 minutes
  • Benchmark operations to identify areas for the great efficiencies and saving opportunities
  • Activate your Free Trial period and work with you shoulder to shoulder to address questions and strengthen your teams understanding of all the power our Platforms provide