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Revenue Cost 550Higher Net Income by 30%

Cash is King.  Make the most of what you have.  Become more efficient, invoice your customers faster and eliminate errors that delay payment. SRS Tech Platforms are designed from the ground up by guys that worked in the trucking industry running fleets just like yours.  Our goal is to get your teams up and running on our Mobile Fleet Management Platform immediately so your company has every opportunity to grow profitably.  Read more.

More Customers – Less Effort

Imagine making one more shipment a day, every day without having to buy more trucks, hire more drivers or add support staff.  The added revenue goes right to your bottom line. Read More.

Psychic Customer ServicePsychic Customer Service 

Never put a Customer on hold to ‘check into that…’  Everyone hates being put on hold and hates it even more if they are on hold only to get dated or incorrect information.  Our Customer Portal allows customers to track, in real-time, the progress of the work you are doing for specifically them as well as review work that you’ve done to date.  Read More.

1 Day Launch

Deciding on which system to use track and monitor your operations is hard enough, so why after the decision is made should you have to struggle through months and months of implementation before you get to actually use it?  We think that is a ridiculous waste of time and effort.  If you have up to 50 vehicles, we commit to having our Operations Platforms up and running on Day 1   Read More.

Lower Repair & Maintenance Costs

Looking for the next miracle lubricant?  The perfect tires that last 150,000 – 200,000 miles?  The single most important to monitor to lower your R&M costs comes down to Total Miles Driven.  SRS Tech Platforms combine optimization, order management and GPS tracking to ensure your drivers, techs and dispatchers make the most efficient routing decisions using real time information. Read More.

Reduced Fuel UseReduced Fuel Expense

Drive Fewer Miles and Reduce Fuel Costs.  Fuel prices are not expected to go down anytime soon and improvements in fuel mileage from the manufacturers just don’t seem to come fast enough.  One option to stop driving altogether but then that would be foolish.  We suggest Optimizing Routes, Improving the Accuracy of Cab-to-Office Communications, Reducing Idle Times and Working with Drivers to Modify their driving Behaviors.  Read More.

Real Time Invoicing

Get Paid Faster.  Stuck waiting for paperwork, searching for lost documents, standing by the fax machine only to discover you can’t read what came through?  We’ve been there, done that and absolutely refuse to put up with it any longer.  Your paperwork should be available to invoice immediately after the load is dropped and the work is done.    Read More.

Part RunningFewer Part Runs

The Order is in the system and Technician arrives at the job, gets all set up and realizes they don’t have the right parts.  Hours are wasted as they wait for a part runner to arrive or have to head back to the shop not to mention the customer who now has to wait and the next customer who has their job delayed.  What a mess and what a waste of time, money and effort. SRS Tech Platforms are designed from the ground up by guys that worked in the trucking industry running fleets just like yours.  Read More.

100% Compliance

Inspecting your equipment is important and in more and more cases it’s required by federal mandate.  You can use the old paper based process but how do you get information from the driver in Iowa to the Home Office in Alabama?  Can you verify the Critical Safety Items are routed to the right person to address the issues and get them fixed?  What mechanic did the work?  Are they certified?  After 6 months and a day are the old Inspection reports still lying around the office?    Read More.

Seamless ReportingSeamless Reporting

“I know that information is here somewhere…”  This simple statement is the difference between getting paid on time or facing the real possibility of not getting paid at all.  The information you need to run Operations, Bill Customers and Manage Fleets should be instantly available at any time and from anywhere.  Anything less is an anchor on your team and drag on your resources.  You deserve better.   Read More.

Go Green!

Optimal Routing and Real-Time Monitoring of your mobile assets reduces fuel, reduces idle time and saves fuel.  This helps the environment as well as your bottom line.  Taking Paper out of the process improves flexibility, reduces time it takes to invoice and eliminates redundant work.  This, too, helps the environment.  Being more efficient is not only good for business it’s good for the environment.  With our Platforms we make it simple and easy to be both Efficient and Friendly to the Environment.  Read More.

Power, Flexibility & Scalability

Just about every Fleet Management System is purpose built.  That means it was designed with the specific intent to handle only one line of business.  Adapting these purpose built systems to a different line of business is painful, costly and can take forever without the guarantee it will even work.  We dealt with this when we ran a trucking company and we convinced there was a better way.  Read More.

No Hardware ObsolesenceNo Hardware Required

Move over Angry Birds, No time for you Candy Crush.  Time to use that mobile device to Tender a Load, Accept a Load, Manage and Store all the Load Information, Bill my Customer and Accept Payment.  It is possible and can prove it.

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Situationally Aware SoftwareSoftware that knows You

Data needs to rule the day.  Getting that last mile data from the driver to the back office and into the Boardroom is critical.  Inaccurate and old data can have devastating effects on decisions regarding new lines of business, regions for expansion and what market segment to target.  Our Platforms ensure the data you get is as Accurate and Real-Time as the most recent shipment made.

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No Cost FormsDynamic Templating

Did you implement a system on the promise it would do everything?  Usually “everything” means only the things that software was preprogramed to do.  Now you have to pay to have the Templates you really need “developed”.  Yikes, that’s going to cost a small fortune and take weeks or months.  We ran a trucking company and we lived this nightmare – You don’t have to.  Our Platforms are built so you can create a Template in minutes without having to pay a dime or wait a lifetime.

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