Home / Background was created by SRS Technologies, LLC to replace expensive, suboptimal software packages that small and medium sized companies are forced to deal with to manage cab-to-office communications. replaces the need for constant phone call updates, maintaining multiple system log-in ID’s, paper copies of order specific documentation and the requirement to manually enter the same data over and over simply to ship a single load or complete a single service call.

Now, with one log-in from your Smartphone, Tablet or computer, you have complete and total control, with step-by-step visibility, over each phase in the order to delivery process.  This includes order entry, dispatch, GPS routing, Geo-positioning/breadcrumb tracking, and real time step-by-step documentation tied directly to each individual order.

In addition, you have the ability to invoice customers immediately and retain all order specific documentation in the Driver Buddy Cloud™ for as long as you require.  Imagine having the capability to grant customized access to your employees, customers or subcontractors, or all of the above, to track their order in real time, any time from their Smartphone, Tablet or computer.  With you can, starting right now!!! is cutting edge.  It is a first of its kind approach to managing and sharing all aspects of a delivery with your employees, customers, subcontractors or whomever you deem necessary with the simple click of a button.  Our focus is on process control and data reliability so your focus can be on taking your business to the next level.  Our platform was designed by Operations Professionals committed to developing efficient supply chain solutions that drive your profitable growth. is a powerful, proprietary technology we used to create a suite of integrated solutions tailored to meet the needs of your company and your industry.

Take a moment to preview our innovative products and customizable services.  We are confident you will recognize that finally someone has developed an affordable solution that is responsive to your needs and easy to use.  That someone is SRS Technologies, LLC and we bring to you