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SRS Technologies was founded to bring the advantages of cloud hosted enterprise grade software to any company handling logistics.  Our mission is to eliminate information delays in logistics operations of any kind.  What this provides to our customers is higher net income, higher customer satisfaction and the ability to grow without fear of outgrowing the software platform they have chosen.

SRS Tech Platforms are built on a unique core of technology that is highly extensible and infinitely scalable.  It is this core technology that has allowed for the integration of industry leading partners such as Xero Accounting, Kandy Telephony and Xchanging’s Market Maker 4 products.  By leveraging partnerships with industry leaders the typical SRS Platform will add more features in less time than any logistics software provider.

The SRS Team also brings a unique blend of operational, purchasing and technology expertise to every client engagement.  With years of hands on experience with P&L responsibility at award winning transportation companies, international manufacturing and distribution companies you can rest assured that not only does the team at SRS Technologies know their software – they are also familiar with the issues you face on a daily basis.

That’s why every SRS Technology Platform is designed to be launched in a day – providing as little disruption to your business as possible.

Once launched the most important focus of each SRS Tech platform is to provide the largest boost to Net Income possible – in most cases over 30% improvement within the first 6 months.

If you want to learn more about how SRS Technologies can take your business into the future with higher profits per order please call 855.663.2833 or info@srstllc.com.